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Industrial Relations bill must put workers and carers first

New industrial relations laws must work for women and carers and lift the wages of the low paid, the Greens say, as the government introduces their industrial relations bill to the House. The Greens vote will be essential for the bill to pass through the Senate.

Evidence from months of hearings and over 100 submissions before the Select Committee on Work and Care showed that 5 million people are currently trying to balance work with caring responsibilities. 

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Australian Greens to introduce Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill

The Greens will introduce the Fairer Paid Parental Leave Bill to deliver 26 weeks of paid leave paid at replacement wage capped, with super paid on leave, and ‘use it or lose it’ incentives for partners to encourage shared parenting.

Lines attributable to Greens leader in the senate and spokesperson on women Senator Larissa Waters 

“Fairer paid parental leave is a no-brainer that benefits everyone - parents, children and the economy. And if we scrap the Stage 3 tax cuts, we can easily afford it.

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Greens in Senate won’t rubber stamp Jobs Summit outcomes, want wages lift now

Greens Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt has said any deal reached at the Jobs and Skills summit risked becoming nothing more than an ‘historical footnote’ without Greens support, as unless Labor chooses to work with the union-busting Liberals, the only pathway for legislative implementation of Summit outcomes requires Greens support.

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